Le Manoir de Leon

"Music & leisure on the French west coast"

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The studio building was purpose built and designed as a recording facility, making it a top-quality studio in one of Europe's most beautiful locations. The acoustic design of the studio was carried out by Christian Malcurt, with walls and roofing perfectly isolated from the outside world, which allows recording at all times of the day or night without disturbance. Load in to the live room is through large doors which are accessed from a sheltered loading dock allowing large setups to be easily brought into the studio.

The main recording room is 100 metres square with the additional three 10 metre square booths. The main live room's acoustics have been designed to be "live". The floor is made of unvarnished oak hardwood and the consistency in the sound is controlled by wooden diffuser panels located in the ceiling. The wall panels are hung on a vertical axis and have two contrasting sides; either an absorbent controlled side, or a reflective surface consisting of marble or mirror. The main live room also contains four movable acoustic isolation panels which can be setup for separation. The three half-glazed isolation booths look out towards the main live room and offer three different acoustics. In short, the live spaces are extremely versatile and if bands want to play together in one space or go for maximum isolation, the studio can cover both options.

The Control room is 50 metres square and comes with a separate machine room. The acoustic design is based on the LEDE concept (Live End Dead End). The room has a symmetrical layout with the front fitted with bass traps and the rear equipped with diffusers (multi sized quadrilateral wood panels). The control room is air-conditioned and benefits from natural daylight which can be blacked out by remote control! In front of the console there is a panoramic view of the main live room.

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