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Welcome to Our Studio

The revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles has gone from snowball to avalanche, with more and more creatives calling the area home than ever before. Add to that list Mad Muse Studios, a creative hub for discerning musicians who love the fresh feel of the budding urban environment in the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District.

Our luxury recording studio provides the perfect open space for your next recording, mix, or writing session.

Within this chic industrial workspace you will not only find a dream list of outboard, microphones, and other recording equipment, but our friendly music-obsessed staff who will passionately work to make your experience and your music the best that it can be.

The Workspace

It's no secret. The processes modern music producers utilize to create finished recordings are drastically different than in years past. While the sound motels of old were ridiculously good at tracking a group of musicians playing together in a room, music, for better or worse, is seldom created that way today.

When the opportunity came to build a new type of production space, our number one goal was to make it a comfortable, creative, and relaxed environment that could facilitate the workflow of the modern producer, songwriter, and artist while at the same time containing all the rare and vintage equipment you would find in the classic studios around Los Angeles.

The studio's industrial background and concrete flooring, paired with brilliant acoustics, and an iso booth that feels more like the ultimate chill room, paired with a gorgeous microphone collection, all come gracefully together against the backdrop of a beautiful custom built console, making for a one of a kind vibe to write and create in. 

We consistently hear from musicians and producers that their twelve-hour session felt like six and that they could keep going without breaking a sweat. I guess it's true what they say...time flies when you're having fun!

The Equipment

We'll leave the long... very long... list of outboard, microphones, and other outstand recording equipment contained within the studio's walls for the Equipment page.

Stated briefly, it's a gearhead's dream come true!

The People

We love music, we care about musicians, and we built a studio that caters to musicians making great music.

Our studio staff is here to help you in any way, from getting the studio time you need, to that special instrument rental, to finding the best burrito for dinner (we know the perfect spot...seriously, I just had one).

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