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The heart of the studio is based around a super cool vintage "Ghunter Loof model 2112" console. This is a unique console as only a small number of these were produced by Revox-Studer factories between 1975 and 1983. It is wired point–to-point, and has been completely and competently restored, with an added 576-point sub D25 Signex PTB96 patch bay. Recently this desk has been reproduced by a super cool plugin called MINT and realised bt the software house ACUSTICA AUDIO; the web is full of links, demo, comparison and much more about it so you can also check virtually how this unique console works. 

A 24 track Protools AVID HD10 digital system supported by  nr 4 avialbale digidesign 96io is also wired in the control room, to be able to record and save your works in any format you desire. 

The signature sound of Oxygen studios is characterised by an AMPEX MM1200 2″ / 24 track tape recorder and an ATR 102 ¼" 2 track machine for putting mixes down. The control room has been carefully designed to give a flat response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz (at +/- 3db at 1/3 octave).

An assortment of other vintage equipment distinguishes and completes Oxygen, offering clients the best possible quality to achieve a classic, warm analogue sound. 

Other great outboard that compliments this sound is the ROLAND SRE-555 ECHO TAPE DELAY, the famous classic colour of the LEXICON M200 REVERB or LEXICON SUPER PRIME TIME DELAY will offer to your takes, two super cool ALTEC 1612B limiter amplifier, and more.

A fully restored fantastic stereo valve EMT 240 stereo will give you the unique warm sound which this vintage echo plate is famous for.

You will instantly love the sound of the old AMPEX 351 preamps.

The studio offers three recording spaces with different acoustic solutions: the Live Room, Windows Room and an isolation booth. Thick glass doors separate the Live and Windows rooms. THis help create multiple ambient options, to give you the best result for your project.

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