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Paris is fast becoming one of the most prominent cities that Miloco offers studios in. We currently provide clients with two of the very best Paris recording studios: Question De Son in the centre of the city, Les Studios Saint Germain in central Paris and One Two Pass It located on the east side of Paris.

These are three high-spec, beautiful studios that offer the best-level recording and mixing services throughout the French capital.

Les Studios Saint Germain, Paris, France

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Neve Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio

One Two Pass It, Bagnolet, east Paris, France

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Neve Studio, Voiceover Recording

QDS Studios, Centre of Paris, France

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Neve Studio, Mastering Studio
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One Two Pass It features a versatile recording room and a large control room centered around a Neve VRP. The control room makes use of 24 high-end Neve preamps, a carefully selected range of external preamps and an array of vintage and modern microphones to get the best out of your recordings. Cubase 5.5 or Avid Pro Tools 10 HD Native can be used as the DAW, utilising the 48 ins and outs on the SSL Alpha-Link AX converters. So whether you want to mix the analogue way, the digital way, a 50/50 mix or anything in between, it's all there at your fingertips.

Question De Son is a 3-studio complex based in the heart of Paris, five minutes from the Gare du Nord where Eurostar trains from London arrive. You can be literally laying down tracks in this stunning Paris recording studio within a few hours of leaving the UK.

Conceived by producers/engineers Jordan Kouby and Frederic Vectol, and with a world-class acoustic design by Michel Deluc, Question De Son ranks amongst the very best recording studios in France. It comprises a flagship vintage Neve tracking room (Studio A), a secondary SSL mix room (Studio B) and a writing and overdub suite (Studio C).

At the heart of the complex is Studio A, which boasts a vast live room made from stone and wood, which has been acoustically perfected to maximise the quality of live recordings. The backline on offer is also awesome, with a range of vintage keyboards and a grand piano, plus numerous guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and pedals. Countless microphones are available and tape fanatics can use a Studer 2" tape machine. Studio A features a vintage Neve console at the heart of its control room, which also has custom TAD monitoring and a great selection of outboard equipment.

Question De Son's Studio B offers an SSL mixing alternative to the Neve in Studio A. It also boasts the same exceptional custom TAD monitors as Studio A, and an outstanding choice of outboard, making it one of the very best mix rooms in the whole of Paris. Studio B shares an overdub booth with QDS's Studio C – a great writing / editing /overdub studio.

Les Studios Saint Germain is located in the Germain Des Prés area. The studio is a three studio complex consisting of a Neve 3188 tracking room, a mixing and production space and a smaller writing studio. The Neve 3188 tracking room has a fabulous 1300 square foot live room which houses a magnificent 1953 Steinway Grand Piano. The studio is also well known for its incredible collection of vintage microphones.

If you have any questions about any of these studios or would like to make a booking enquiry please call our bookings team on +44 (0) 207 232 0008, or email

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