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"Track it, mix it, pass it"

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One Two Pass It overview

One Two Pass It features a versatile recording room and a large control room centered around a Neve VRP.

The control room makes use of 36 high-end Neve preamps (and a 10 channels Studer 089model side-car) a carefully selected range of external preamps and an array of vintage and modern microphones to get the best out of your recordings.

Cubase 10 or Avid Pro Tools 12 can be used as the DAW, utilising the 48 ins and outs on the Lynx Aurora converters. So whether you want to mix the analogue way, the digital way, a 50/50 mix or anything in between, it's all there at your fingertips.

The main recording room is ideal for a full-band tracking. Its acoustic design was completed by Camille Hamel (La Fabrique, Globe Mastering). The sound ranges from live to dead across the room. The live end features overhead acoustic panels designed to easily decrease the room's reverb time.

This live room houses the piano, drumkits and a good selection of guitar amps. The control room looks out into the live room.

To the rear of the control room is an isolation booth which can be used for vocals or isolating guitar amps.

Outside the control room is a small chill out area.

The entire building is Mogami cabled and all leads are made with the highest spec components at every step of the signal path. There is no weak link in the house!

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