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One Two Pass It - Neve VRP recording and mixing studio in Paris

One Two Pass It is a high-end, vibey and hospitable Paris recording studio located on the east side of Paris, a five-minute walk from metro station Robespierre in the Montreuil district. A studio of astounding acoustic properties and versatility, One Two Pass It was built in the derelict Moulinex factory and opened its doors in 2010.

The studio is built around a Neve VRP recording and mixing console and comes with an array of exceptional analogue and vintage machines. As well as a great selection of outboard, the studio also comes with a great collection of instruments and backline including keyboards, samplers, guitar amps and drumkits. 

The recording room is large and the sound is adjustable through the use of some clever acoustic panels which offer great versatility. The room has been designed with drums in mind. Not only is there a great selection of kits and snares but you can change the sound of the drums radically with the use of the screens.

One Two Pass It is a great, boutique and very reasonably priced recording studio based in east Paris.

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