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The recording studio at Sensible Music consists of a control room and two booths making a total space of 500 square feet. 

Recently redesigned by Chris Walls of Level Acoustic Designs and implemented by Justin Spier of Studio Creations, a brand new SSL AWS948 sits at the heart of the room. The control room was specifically designed to house the behemoth PMC BB5XBD's which are soffit mounted into the back wall, providing you with a world class monitoring set up that never dissapoints.

To the left of the control room a sliding glass door gives you access to the main booth, a fantastic room for drums, percussion and vocals. The booth has floating gobos that can be spun around to reveal a harder surface to provide a brighter and more lively tone.

Behind the back wall of the control is the new booth, which used to be our tape room, this room can be used as a reamping room, or even as a separate suite for programming or writing.

If that is not enough space for you, or you want to record an orchestra or the whole band in one room, no problem! We have 1000 square foot rehearsal space with a 30ft apexed cieling accross our car park. The room has 56 tie lines running to the control room along with a HD video feed.

At your disposal is a vast array of vintage to modern outboard, microphones and backline. Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Synths - we have plenty, want to run a vintage Gibson Les Paul signature bass through a recently serviced Ampeg B15n? No problem! Want to record your vocals through a Neumann U47 valve? We've got you! Want to stick a Fairchild 670 on your mix bus? Go ahead! Check out our inventory included with any booking on the Equipment page, but as we are also a backline hire company keep in mind we stock a huge inventory you can draw from outside of that range!

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