Silver Shark Studios

"Legendary electronics. State-of-the-art recording technology. Outstanding facilities. "

Silver Shark Studios Floorplan

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Silver Shark Studios offers a truly unique recording experience, with state of the art technology combined with rare and vintage equipment. Numerous classic analogue and modern synths from Moog, Roland, Waldorf, Korg and Sequential, provide the perfect creative environment for recording artists, producers and writers.

From the brand new industry leading Moog One to the stunning vintage modular Roland System 100m there is an endless variety of machines available in the studio All the synths are controllable from MIDI and can be integrated into your DAW productions quickly and easily.

The studio comprises a spacious control room which is approximately 27sq metres and at it's heart is a compact 24 channel SSL G series console offering that classic SSL sound. This is complimented with a host of rare and classic outbound gear and electronics including mic preamps from Thermionic Culture, Grace Design and Phoenix Audio amongst others and Dynamics and EQs from Empirical Labs, UREI, Summit Audio and many more.

Monitors by Quested, Neumann and Yamaha provide amazing audio quality to track and mix on.

However the studio is not all about the synthesisers. There is also live areas total almost 35sq metres comprising a spacious main live room, drum room and small amp room for all your tracking needs.

The main live room is approximately 20 sq metres and features plenty of natural light, which is rare for a location in central London. It can comfortably accommodate a five-piece band and has been designed to provide a dead acoustic sound with excellent separation.

The drum room is approximately 14 sq metres and has a tiled floor providing a very live sound in contrast to the live room. The room can be customised to your liking with wall hanging drapes and rugs to give a deader drum sound if required.

There is also a small amp room to capture live performance with optimal separation.

The studio has an excellent collection of guitars and instruments including an acoustic piano and a Fender Rhodes, along with amplifiers, percussion and effect pedals, all of which are available and included in the daily rate.

There is a large lounge and kitchen area and - uniquely for a central London studio - a private garden providing plenty of space to relax and unwind.

Silver Shark Studios has hosted an extensive range of top artists, writers and producers including Sasha, Morcheeba, Nick Lowe and many more.