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"Panoramic sound with a musical view, the ideal place for an airy, warm and smooth affordable professional recording"

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"Sebastián Ruiz, SONORAMICA looks really tasty. I think all the people that work with and know you are silently willing that SONORAMICA becomes a recording icon in Argentina, since it is not the whim of a millionaire but the dream of one of us and the result of his work. Congratulations, I wish you all the best. Goal celebration!!"

Luis Bacqué, Argentinean Engineer & Producer

"A huge pleasure to record and visit such a beautiful studio. It´s a dream! Thank you for the place, the good vibes and for such warm reception"

Callia, string quartet

"Sonorámica! Best wishes for the beginning of this tremendous dream coming true!"

Oscar Giunta, Drummer

"Beautiful place and a privilege for those of us who are looking for the ideal sound space. Thanks for this Sonorámica!"

Horacio Burgos, guitarist

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