"Panoramic sound with a musical view, the ideal place for an airy, warm and smooth affordable professional recording"

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Golden rivers, flying condors, and pink sunsets make SONORAMICA a dreamy and inspirational place, providing an ideal setting for creating and recording music.

The studio is located on a 34 acre piece of land at the northern end of Traslasierra Valley in the center of Argentina. Undoubtedly, it is a magical place with colorful blooming wild flowers in spring, sporadic visits of snow in winter, a yellow and green palette in autumn, inviting rivers in summer. And all year round, abundant native vegetation, including espinillos, molles , talas, as well as many cactus varieties. Occasionally, it is possible to see wild foxes and hares running in the fields and Andean condors flying over the premises. The land is kept as natural as possible with trails that give visitors the opportunity to hike around.

The studio was conceived and designed to maximize the recording experience.

From its inception, comfort and quality was the aim. The studio offers three big recording rooms, each of them with specific acoustic features, and all of them spacious and bathed in natural light. The clustered floorplan means the control room does not feel isolated, but included as part of the "music gang": huge windows and glass doors ensure the high visibility between all three recording rooms and to the views outside. All parties recording are able to engage visually with each other, maximising personal connection and ease of recording. 

World-class analogue and digital gear, and a large collection of top quality mics ensure the highest sound quality and the best results.

Affordable, comfortable and without any distracting luxury, at Sonoramica all efforts have been put towards artists enjoying the moment and getting the best sonic and artistic results.

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