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The Richman Toy Music Video

Artist: The Richman Toy Band

Label: Smallroom.

The Richman Toy Band came over to Studio28 to film a music video for their new song. They had the full use of the Studio A as well as all the isolation rooms for isntruments/gear etc. Really great session!

The Making of Chanudom

Artist: Chanudom

Label: Whattheduck

Chanudom's session was great fun, fitting 3 songs in 6 hours. It was a challenging experience for the team ,but with a versatile space and an experienced team we managed to make it happen!

Mellow Motif Live Recording

Artist: Mellow Motif

We had the pleasure of welcome 'Mellow Motif' for a live recording session/concert. A really fun experience be able to fit a busy audience as well as a full jazz band, in our studio A.

Live Jam Session Tribute to the late King of Thailand


Produced & Recorded: Studio28 Team

After the unfortunate passing of his late majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Studio28 gathered together a team of friends to produce and record a Live Jam style tribite in honor of his long reign. 

Studio28 on Thai PBS

Channel: Thai PBS.

We had a wonderful pleasure of having Thai PBS come over and film/cover a regular day here at the Studio. 

The Grandslam Live / Bodyslam and The Orchestra

Artist: Bodyslam

Label: Genie Records

Concert: Bodyslam: The Grandslam Live

Bodyslam came over to Studio28 to record Orchestra and full band as well as filming for the tralier for their incredible concert which featured the full Bodyslam band as well as a full Orchestra. Our Chief Engineer had the pleasure of mixing this song for the trailer as well as being the Live Orchestra Engineer at the concert!

Blood is Life

Music: Kevan Frost
Lyrics: Hugo Chakrabongse/Paul Ewing/Kevan Frost
All instruments: Kevan Frost
Piano: Chris The Pianist
String Arrangement: Kevan Frost
Scoring: Julian Wiggins
Conductor: Laurent Couson
Recorded at Studio 28, Bangkok
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Geoff Pesche

Paul Ewing Entertainment gave us the pleasure of reocording the theme song for their exciting show "Dracula".

Chanudom x Rasmee | Concert Recap

Artist: Chanudom & Rasmee

Label: Whattheduck (Chanudom only)

Promoter: Fungjai

Sponser: Chang

Full Concert Production: Studio28 Presents

Studio28 had an incredible time producing the ChanudomxRasmee concert. We managed to fit a full stage and lighting/sound rig, as well as 250 audience! We have also been nominated for a Fungjai Live event award among other artists such as Phoenix and the Foo Fighters.

The King

In honor of the Late King of Thailand, hundreds of artists, mucisians and studios (including Studi28), united to create an impressive creation of passion and love for the King. 

Studio28 Introduction

Introduction to our facilities and services we offer.

Mellow Motif + TTJC / Nop Ponchamni & Kor Notapol (Live Session)

Artist: Mellow Motif + TTJC / Nop Ponchamni & Kor Notapol

Promoter: Studio28

Sponser: Pakalolo and Taproom

Full Concert Production: Studio28 Presents

Is you is, Danny California All Stars

Recorded at "Studio 28", Bangkok, Thailand

Voice: Danny Woody
Piano: Joe Darin
Bass: Alex Sergeenko
Saxophone: Marat Yuldybaev
Trumpet: Stuart Hawkins
Drums: Pong Nakornchai

Requiem King Rama 9

Requiem compose especially to honour our late King Rama 9

Strings and Horns Recorded at Studio28

The Modern Symphonic Album -LAURENT COUSON - Overture - KOK2436

Artist: Laurent Couson

Label: Universal Production Music France

Conductor: Laurent Couson

Orchestera Management: 28 Production

Musicians: 28 Orchestra

Recorded At: Stuido28 

Reocorded By: Jake Craig

Overture - the first track of Laurent Couson's new project - Koka Media / Universal Publishing Production Music