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Engineers Profile - Dan Coley

Dan Coley "Rock 'n' roll to the mountains!"
AKA: Fuzzbox ' Coca Coley'
Influences: Cenzo Townshend, Synths, Manny Marroquin....
Sounds Like: A good slap!
Geek Factor: Quality flightcases
Favourite Toy: Stylophone and Transformers
Recent Clients: Joelie, Strangeling, Mason Noise, Youth Man

Dan was unaware of his musical destiny until he found a Jedson guitar in a skip at the age of 15, "It sounded shit but in a good shit lo-fi kinda broken way". Progressing with synths, the fascination led him to achieving a Bsc (Hons) in Sound Engineering & Production.

A chance meeting with studio owner Phil Croft started Dan's studio career at Summerfield Studios when the studio was still under development. Phil recalls how Dan made significant contributions to the setting up of the studios systems and operations. "Dan's learning ability was meteoric and exponential. I quickly realised I had stumbled across an amazing talent, it was like he was plugged into the matrix with exceptional multitasking skills and the charm of a saint - clients love him"