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Tall Pine Records - More About Us

We are a residential recording studio located 15km from downtown of Gdansk in north Poland. Built from scratch in the beautiful Polish countryside, but with a distance of 11km from an international airport.

The studio is equipped with an SSL4048 G+, great monitoring system, amazing collection of outboard, microphones and instruments.

The first of two recording rooms is 7.5m high, with a 60m2 surface, with a perfect view of the stunning forest outside. The perfect place for recording smaller orchestras, tracking full bands live, or recording huge rock drums. We've designed it to sound as natural as possible, with a lot of diffusion. A truly huge sound can be achieved, but with the option to control the reverb time with our curtain system or absorption panels. 

The second recording space is a 3.4m high, 34m2 room, which is designed to be a perfect space for smaller bands. Room response is natural and very musical. It can also be used as a second recording room with out main room simultaneously! The sound of the room is close, warm, with a great room ambience and great vintage vibe. Acoustic guitars, horns, smaller drum sounds - this is the space you're looking for. Of course You can record anything else You can imagine. The sky is the limit!

The studio has also a special separated iso booth with an area of 15m2 made for guitar/bass cabinets isolation, but it could also work as a vocal booth when tracking bands live. It's a great place when you need extra separation for your amps, or if you just like to track vocals live!

We also offer full kitchen and bathroom facilities for our guests. We can provide help with accommodation, and can accommodate one person - an engineer, producer, or whoever wants to live in the studio, 24/7!

We designed and built it from scratch without any compromises. We believe that quality matters, which is why we've used only natural materials - wood, stone, and high quality fabrics. There's no such thing here as compromise. Welcome to Tall Pine Records!