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The main studio control room is based around an SSL 4000G+ 48-channel console, kitted with Total Recall and Ultimation. The desk is surrounded buy an impressive collection of classic outboard gear including the likes of Neve, Pultec, Teletronics, Chandler, Urei, API, GML, AMS & much, much more. Coming together to make the studio the perfect tool for both recording and mixing. The studio boasts 7 of the world's leading A/D converters; the staggering Prism Sound Dream ADA-8XR.

The studio is built within an old Victorian factory, at the end of a sleepy street just outside of Leeds, West Yorkshire. The facility is entirely self contained and perfectly placed to offer isolation without being too cut off from the outside world. The studio sits on the first & second floors of the building and therefore offers great views of the surrounding areas, and means that there is plenty of natural daylight.

Our main 50m² live space was recently redesigned by studio John Wood, who was the man behind legendary spaces such as the live room in Olympic Studios, London. We built a bespoke double height, vaulted ceiling to his exacting specifications, and have created a room that provides the perfect ambience to anything you should wish to record in it. We have a second, 55m², live room that backs onto the main live room, in which we house our Yamaha C7 grand piano & Hammond C3. In conjunction to these large live spaces, we also have 4 smaller booths for amps and a keyboard room, in which we keep our Yamaha CP70, Fender Rhodes & Wurlitzer E200A.

The 'Tower' studio, above the second live room, offers a second room for editing and also is where we keep our ever expanding synth collection, including an Oberheim Matrix 12, Roland Juno 6, Roland MKS80, MiniMoog, PolyMoog, Kurtweil 250 & the recently released Modal Electronics 002.

The onsite accomodation can sleep 8 people, and has it's own living room & fully fitted kitchen/dining room, including washing machine, drier & dishwasher. So you really can feel at home over extended stays.

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