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The Engine Room SSL Mixing Studio, London

The Engine Room is Miloco's flagship mix room. In 2010 we rescued the infamous SSL4056 G-Series console from Olympic's Studio 2 and after completely refurbishing it, made it the centrepiece of The Engine room. The desk has been loaded with 48 mono channels (36 G EQ and 12 blackface E EQ) and 8 stereo channels making it a flexible mixing tool. The 8 core Intel Pro Tools HDX rig offers 48 inputs and 48 outputs, using Avid HD I/Os as convertors and comes maxed out with plug ins running on Pro Tools 10.

The much celebrated monitoring system consists of customised Munro M4s running off chevin amplification and are regularly checked and calibrated by acoustician Nick Whitaker. We also offer a wide range of nearfield monitors including Yamaha NS10's, Adam S3A's, Dynaudio BM15s and Genelec 1031's running off a choice of Bryston, Yamaha or Quad amps which we believe makes it one of the most accurate monitoring environments in London.

The extensive outboard contains many of the toys you'd expect in a world class mix room as well as some great modern additions. In addition to the Massenberg, Tubetech, EAR, Summit, and Urei names, we have recently added some of the best newcomers, including Empirical Labs, Manley, and EMI Chandler. We also offer some more unusual effects such as the Moog 12 Stage Phaser the Marshall Time Modulator not to mention a vintage EMT plate reverb.

Recently the room has delivered three UK number one albums: Lana Del Ray's Born To Die, Keane's Strangeland and Plan B's The Defamation of Strickland Banks. Over the years it has mixed numerous other hit records including Oasis' What's The Story Morning Glory and Be Here Now, all the Chemical Brothers albums, Slipknot's 2008 number one US album All Hope Is Gone, plus other successful albums by Wild Beasts, Foals, The Enemy, Villagers, Everything Everything, Brett Anderson, James and Audio Bullys. The Engine Room is a favourite mix room for a variety of producers / mixers including Ben Hillier, Stephen Street, Dan Grech, Mike Crossey and Lexxx Dromgoole.

To find out how The Engine Room can be used in conjunction with The Bridge, please view the 'Overview' page.