Tic Studio

"A bright and airy creative space in Vienna"

Tic Studio Floorplan

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Recent Clients

Who worked and recorded at Tic:

-Holawind, BabaYaga, Plants That Grow At Night, The 1975, Sanna/Ashley Singh, Boris Bukowski, Obie O'Brien, Reinhard Fendrich, Martin Klein, Russell Morgan, Atlas, SheLoom, 5th Projekt, Apache Darling, Black Sirens Wendepunkt, Julia Siedl, Bamdad Xosh, Maddes, Soft Plastic, Don Grusin, Zoë, Global Rockstar / 1in360, Christian Knollmüller, Serge Falk, IK Multimedia, Cameron Craig, Filippo Gaetani, Simon Johnson & Paddy Milner, John Mitic, Alex Kappler, Aerostat, Q-bizm,...

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