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"Fingers on Strings, Hands on Faders, Music on Tape"

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Welcome to 1979 - Overview

Established in 2008, Welcome To 1979 is a retro, all analog recording studio just minutes from downtown Nashville, TN.  At Welcome to 1979, we strive to cater to the independent & budget minded artists, producers and engineers. Featuring fully restored analog tape machines, console, outboard equipment and microphones we ensure that "vintage" doesn't mean "old and broken". Along with tons of vintage gear, Welcome To 1979 also features tons of space: Over 7,000 square feet of unique recording and recreational spaces to help inspire your creativity, with or without the use of a computer!

The 1,200 square foot control room features a fully restored MCI JH428 recording console and tons of outboard gear.  This spacious room offers plenty of space for your entire band to hang out and get comfortable.  Record to our MCI tape machines, which have also been fully restored by our sister company, Mara Machines.  If you are more comfortable in the digital realm, we offer ProTools as well.  Since the control room and live room are on different floors, we have made things as seamless as possible, with video cameras in the live room, which feed a 50" screen in the control room.  This gives the engineer and producer a much needed sight line to keep them feeling connected to what is going on downstairs.

The 25 ft x 40 ft live room allows plenty of space for a full band to set up and record all at once.  This is a rare luxury in recording studios these days, where space is at a premium.  We also have eight isolation booths, so you are sure to find the ideal place for all your amps and band members!

In addition to all the great vintage gear on hand, we also are home to two great upright pianos.  If keyboards are the sound you are going for, we also have tons of vintage keyboards to choose from.

Looking for something to do while another band member works through an overdub or need to relax to get into the creative spirit?  We have you taken care of there too!  We have a game room, featuring pinball, darts, bumper pool and a jukebox.  Our kitchen/lounge area also has plenty of space to hang out and features an industrial Bunn coffee maker, full size refrigerator, pizza oven and hot plate!  Also, in spite of all the retro gear in the building, we have WiFi available throughout the entire building.

We hope you find that The Studio is a great place to track, overdub or mix your project. Although '79 is setup primarily for analog recording, it is also capable of doing digital sessions as well. We do a lot of recording of basic tracks for artists, producers and engineers from all over the country, they then take the digital files with them to complete their project. On the flip side, many projects come in for that "analog touch" at mixing and Mastering. '79 is also available to freelance engineers and we have a staff of house assistant engineers to cater to your every need.

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