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"The Netherlands most renowned studio near Amsterdam"

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Studio 1

Studio 1 is Wisseloord's "Grand Dame".

At 150m2 (1600 sq.ft.), it is an ideal recording space for small orchestras, scoring ensembles, big bands, killer drums, video shoots, even hosting small concerts and webcasts.

Because the acclaimed acoustics have always had a strong attraction for both local and international musicians, her history reads like a musical "Who's Who" of the last four decades. More than once, at the end of a long but productive session, we've heard the remark: "Wow, it feels like there's music in these walls."

But what to do with such a legacy when facing a massive re-building process? As the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." We did add two windows to catch some daylight, a rigging frame for lights & mics, and two isolation booths – suitable for drums or vocals, for example. Otherwise, the room is exactly the way it has been since 1978.

Same great sound, same great atmosphere...

However, the rest has been given a firm slingshot into the future.


The control room is built around a special edition of Avid's (Euphonix) System 5 and a custom PMC speaker system that combines in-wall and ceiling-mounted monitors to create an ideal listening environment, from stereo to 10.1 surround. Thanks to the innovative work done by esteemed friend and acoustician Jochen Veith, you'll enjoy this accurate, well-balanced sound from virtually everywhere in the room. A sweet spot as big as the room; who doesn't want that?! Naturally several high-end near field options are also available. We've also added a spacious private lounge where you can sit back and relax between takes.

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