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"Ireland's Most Beautiful Recording Studio"

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Attica Audio Recording - Overview

Immersed in the beautiful and desolate countryside of County Donegal, Attica Audio Recording is amongst the best and most beautiful studio destinations in Ireland.

The recording studio is a brilliant, spacious facility that is perfect for tracking bands. You can really spread out and use every inch of space going here. There are three main areas to the studio: the control room, a massive main live room dubbed 'Parkhead' and a large booth called 'Lisbon. In addition to the studio spaces there is an equipment store and workshop, client lounge and office.

You enter the studio via the client lounge. A door to the right leads to the office, and a W.C. is on the left. The room features two leather sofas, a coffee table, TV and stereo, and there is a kitchenette towards the back of the space.

At the back of the lounge are two doors, the first of which leads into the control room. The centrepiece of the room is a beautiful Harrison 3232b 24 Buss console which is joined by an Avid Pro Tools HD Native rig running Pro Tools 10 HD. There is a good monitoring selection, as there are choices of mic-pre's, EQs, Dynamics, reverbs and effects. At the far end of the control room are three windows allowing plenty of sunlight into the room.

Next to the control room's entrance is a door to the main live room, 'Parkhead'. This is where you really get a feel for how light, spacious and inspiring Attica Audio Recording is. Measuring a total of 1400 sq ft with a 17ft ceiling and countless large windows looking out to the countryside, this is a stunning place for bands to set up and record an album. There is a very good choice of microphones (Coles, Royer, Neumann, Sennheiser and more) and a brilliant range of guitar amps. Also included are a handful of vintage keyboards. The room can yield a fantastic range of acoustics.

In the far corner of the main live space is 'Lisbon', a large recording booth measuring 220 sq ft, and which also has a 17ft ceiling. The booth has a very dead and controlled acoustic that offers something completely different to the very lively main space. It beneifts from having excellent sight lines with the rest of the studio.

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