"The only recording studio inside a football stadium in the world"

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When partners and longtime friends Luiz Fernando Vieira and Daniel Chalfon decided to open a commercial studio, the only thing they knew was the place needed to be amazing and unique.

After 12 months looking for unexpected places all over the city of São Paulo, they finally decided to build it in the Cícero Pompeu de Toledo Stadium, home of the São Paulo football team. The final word on the location came after Carlos Duttweller, Brazilian legendary studio designer visited the place. In his own words: "It is going to be incredible..."

AudioArena was born from the passion for music of the partners and the wish to shake up the music scene in the city.

The studio is not only a top-class recording facility, but also offers all the requirements and amenities for events and parties, allowing guests to truly experience the world and sound of a professional music studio.

At the heart of AudioArena is an SSL AWS 948 console hooked up to three Avid HDX converters, plus 12 other 500-series preamps and EQs from Rupert Neve, Neve, API, Burl and Looptrotter. Analogue dynamics are provided by four Empirical Labs Distressors, two Fatsos and a Universal Audio 1176 and Looptrotter Audio Monster.

The microphone collection includes: AKG C414 and D112; Neumann 184, 49 and U 87; Peluso 22 47 LE; Royers R-121; several SM57s, SM58s and Super 55s.

Another highlight of the studio is the collection of amps, maybe because the partners come from guitar and bass backgrounds. The list has over 15 models including an Ampeg B-15, GK 1001RB-II, Hartke LH1000, Marshall JVM410H, Mesa Boogie Mark V, Roland JC-120, Fender Twin Reverb '65 and several Laneys like the IRT30, IRT120, VH100R and VC30-212.

The room acoustics are unique, taking advantage of the high ceiling provided naturally by the stadium construction. While the impressive view of the field is a source of inspiration to many artists, if some privacy is required blinds and curtains are always available.

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