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We currently represent two recording studios in Australia. Both recording studios are located in Sydney and offer different services depending on your needs. Studios 301 is a large complex in Sydney which has been established for many years and caters from everything right up to orchestral recording. The latest addition to our Australian recording studios rosta is A Sharp Recording Studios - a boutique recording and mixing studio based around an AWS console and a great selection of gear.

Studios 301 is a network of recording, mixing and mastering studios, producers, engineers and technicians based in Sydney, Australia. Since the australia recording studios were established, 301 has hosted the best of international talent, helped launch the careers of thousands of Australian artists, producers and engineers and is always playing a key role in the advancement of the art and technology of music.

Totally refurbished in late 2014, A Sharp Recording Studios is the oldest independent recording studios in Sydney, Australia being recognized by many up and coming Producers and Artists of today as a studio of preference. A Sharp represents a designer working living space, acoustics that you can trust and enhanced equipment specifications; imperative in the rethink of the studio.

A Sharp Recording Studios, Sydney, Australia

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio
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