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Studio 1

Studio 1, our flagship recording studio, is a writing, tracking and mixing space comprising a live room, control room, several booths, and a lounge. Centred around a custom 16 Channel SSL G Series console, our range of analogue hardware, vintage microphones and instruments cater to musicians and producers of all styles and scenes.

The SSL may take centre stage in the control room, but there's also an array of vintage outboard for clients to make the most of. A collection of synthesisers and drum machines are wall mounted and wired to the patchbay for ease of use.

Over the years we've built up an extensive collection of microphones; a matched pair of Telefunken u67s, ever popular Lomo 19a19s and a large selection of modern classics from brands like Coles, Royer, Neuman, Josephson and AKG populate the mic drawers.

There's enough space for a large band to play together in the live room, and interchangeable acoustic panels for a variety of room sounds. We frequently house small orchestral sessions and medium-sized choral sessions.

Some of the highlights of our instrument and amplifier collection are found in the live room, notably an impeccably reconditioned Yamaha U1 upright piano, a 70s Wurlitzer 200, a 1965 Gretsch Clipper, 1985 Fender Jazz Bass, 1969 Fender Telecaster, an original Ampeg B-15, a beautiful early 70s LA Camco drum kit, and a collection of vintage snare drums & cymbals.

Directly in front of the control room, a larger 'main' booth is a popular choice for vocal recording with line of sight to the engineer or producer behind the recording console. This room is also big enough to track drums, should you wish to utilise the larger live room for other recording purposes. A separate vocal booth adjacent to the control room and an additional amp room provide further isolation of sound.

Upstairs there is a cosy lounge area that serves as the perfect space to take a break from recording, to conduct meetings or even casual writing sessions. The lounge has recently been refurbished with a newly installed kitchen and bathroom, reliable fast internet, a fully spec'd out office (perfect for management or label use during sessions) and Apple TV.

Each room in Studio 1 is equipped with a Phillips Hue lighting system. Clients can make the space their own, altering the hue and brightness of any light in the studio. This addition is particularly popular for film and photography shoots.

There are a number of secure & private car parking spaces in a gated courtyard right outside the studio. Please let us know if you require parking when booking.

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