Blue Bell Hill

"Residential Retreat 1 hour from London"

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Blue Bell Hill - Overview

Blue Bell Hill residential recording studio is located on the picturesque Blue Bell Hill between the towns of Maidstone and Rochester in Kent. It can be reached by car in less than an hour from central London, or by train and cab via Chatham rail station.

The studio is based within a large farmhouse building set back from a quiet country road that is surrounded by green fields and luscious views. The tranquility of the location is immediately obvious to the visitor.

When you enter the house there is a stairway on your right leading to the accommodation and a corridor lined with Barny's best-selling framed discs to the left. At the end of the corridor is the entrance to the studio where you walk into the large live room which is naturally lit through some French windows. This brilliant tracking space was built onto the building in 2012 to fulfill Blue Bell's potential as a great place to record albums. And that is exactly what it is, with countless vintage keyboards lining the walls of the room and Barny's great collection of guitars and bass guitars hanging from the walls above. You have just under 50 square meters to play with here, plus an additional booth measuring close to 15 square meters and which can double up as a programming room. A decent selection of microphones is on hand to record this fantastic collection of backline. 

To the left of the main studio entrance is a door leading to the control room. This is the original studio built into the old part of the house, and is where Barny's 48 channel SSL 4000G console (ex Eden Studios) lives. A range of outboard serves mixing sessions well, and there is a Pro Tools rig with 32 in / 32 out housed in a separate machine room. The control room lets lots of sunshine in through a large sky light.  

On the opposite side of the live room to the control area are the large French windows that light the studio gloriously during the day. They also lead onto a private patio which is great for the sunnier months.

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