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API Suite Overview

Studio 2 - Facts
- 90 m2 Recording Room
- 30 m2 Control Room
- Studer A820 2" 8-Track Tape Machine (custom made)
- 19 Telefunken tube preamps
- API 3232 Console

Studio 2 consists of an 90m2 recording room and a 30m2 control room with a late 1970s API 3232 console previously owned by "Ocean Way Recording" in Los Angeles. Furthermore the control room features 19 Telefunken tube preamps (V72, V77, V76, (Maihak) V41, all with variable gains) and a 2" Studer A820 tape machine modified to 8-track.

As in Studio 1, all the outboard gear that can be seen in the equipment list can be usedl. The recording room attached to the API Suite is a massive and punchy sounding room. It also offers a tiled corner for clanking recordings and a dead corner perfect for recordings with a controlled room sound.

If you book the API control room you can use the Steinway D Grand Piano which will be moved into Recording Room Two.

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