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Creative In Nature

Durbuy Music is the perfect get-away to work in and enjoy the natural beauty of the Belgian Ardennes.
It's a creative core that unites songwriters, musicians, and producers. Founders Domien Cnockaert and Manou Maerten wanted to give artists a space surrounded by magnificent nature, inspiring gear, a modern vision yet with a very authentic feel, to bring the best out of the creative spirit of an artist. They renovated the 70's riverside villa close to Durbuy into a multipurpose complex including a high-end recording studio, 6 creative rooms, a rehearsal room, gear room, and residence.

Situated just 5 minutes from Durbuy - the smallest city in the world, artists can enjoy the cozy streets and escape to record or stay on site in residential rooms which can sleep up to 8 guests, fully immersing themselves into the recording experience. The studio is modern and comfortable, with some of the best preamps & conversion out there, and some very unique instruments like their Una Corda piano (N°33 in the world) and A&F Club drum kit. There is no doubt that this is a very special place to make a record

In the studio's 6 creative rooms, you can write songs or do preproduction on 6 different setups just next to each other, meaning you can create or work on music with 20 people at the same time. The creative rooms have riverside views, and access to the coolest room in the building: The gear room - filled with inspiring synths, drum machines, effects, percussion, guitars, amps, world instruments and mics all waiting for your creativity.

The 55m2 rehearsal room has been acoustically treated like the rest of the studios, so can also be used for recording alongside rehearsal. The building is fully equipped with a dante network, ensuring that you can record in every room, including the 350m2 terrace, into the control room or wherever else you desire! The natural environment surrounding Durbuy Music creates a pleasant, relaxed working atmosphere, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you may see beavers, deer, squirrels, kingfishers, herons, woodpeckers and many other wonders of nature.

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