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Studio Rental & Residence 

Songwriting: Durbuy's professional songwriters can turn your lyrics or ideas into a polished song, providing you with a solid demo.

Top Lining: The studio's professional team of musicians, singers and songwriters can provide you the perfect melody hook for your production or song.

Producing: The studio believes that an idea is worth 50% of your full song, extraction is the other 50% - that's where they step in. Strengthen your musical identity by letting them help you search for the right sounds and the perfect arrangement.

Vocalize: In need of a vocal recording? Durbuy Music can provide: 
1) A microphone shootout
2) Vocal coaching for the perfect performance
3) Vocal comping
4) Optional vocal tuning

Engineering: Durbuy's trained audio engineers' familiarity with the studio will help you get the most out of the studio's capabilities.

Mixing: If you already have good sounding recorded tracks, Durbuy's mix service can turn your recordings into a great sounding song.

Mastering: Durbuy will ensure your song sounds great on all sound systems and is ready to compete in the professional market.

Live Coaching: Need that helping hand to improve your live set? Whether you're a laptop artist or a band, Durbuy music can help you take your show to the next level. 

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