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Studio 3 Overview

The smallest but arguably the most famous of the studios, the design of EastWest Studio 3 has been copied over and over by recording studios across the globe. But only here can artists channel the lush, syrupy sound that catapulted acts like The Mamas and The Papas into the annals of music history. The room comes complete with a Steinway B grand piano and private artist lounge.

Some of the most iconic hits of the 60s were born here. The Mamas and the Papas recorded "California Dreaming" and "Monday, Monday" in this studio, along with Scott McKenzie's classic "San Francisco". But one album recorded here stands above all the rest – The Beach Boy's 1966 masterpiece Pet Sounds.

Studio 3 comes equipped with a classic Trident "A" Range Console (40 Channel with Neve Flying Faders Automation), the "original" and one of six surviving in the world. Each room is equipped with Meitners (available upon request) and ATC300A house monitors with NS10/ProAc speakers and are set up with Pro tools HD. Studer 827 & Ampex ATR102 (1/4 inch & 1/2 inch) Analog recorders are available on request.

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