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Elektrobank Floorplan

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Elektrobank is Miloco's brand new state-of-the-art demo facility based at their main HQ, the Orinoco Complex. Showcasing the finest gear from Miloco Gear, and the latest acoustic products, designs and furniture from Miloco Builds, Elektrobank can also be hired commercially when available.

Previously known as The Toyshop, this was the room where The Chemical Brothers recorded their first records in the mid to late 1990s. After an extensive refurbishment the studio is now open as a multipurpose facility, and in a nod to its past is named after a track on the Chem's classic album "Dig Your Own Hole".

Here at Miloco gear we appreciate that buying new gear is a big decision and so often without trying out kit in anger its hard to know whether something is right for you. That's where Elektrobank comes in, here to help you wrap your head around vital new kit for your studio before committing to purchase.

Whilst the spec may change from week to week we will always guarantee a fully loaded Pro Tools rig, an interface, console or monitor controller and a choice of speakers , microphones and mic pres.