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Livingston Studio 1 - String Recording

As one of the most spacious and acoustically dynamic recording studios in London, Livingston 1 has forged a reputation as being a fantastic location for recording string sections. It is a popular choice for many leading orchestras, including the world famous London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The studio's two large live areas - a bright and lively tiled room (which can be controlled with acoustic curtains) and a more controlled front recording room - are separated by sliding glass doors, which when opened form one vast space that can easily accommodate 16 piece string sections. For smaller string sections the two different live rooms can be setup to offer completely different acoustics  or you can dampen the brighter room with our acoustic curtains to create one larger space offering similar acoustics. 

The room comes with 12 music stands, 18 chairs, 15 double-sided headphones and 12 one-sided headphones but if you have larger sessions and require more stands or headphones please discuss with the office and we can probably provide what you need for a small extra charge.

To find out more on booking a strings session at Livingston 1, call the office on +44 (0) 207 232 0008.

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