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Miloco Studios is pleased to offer a variety of studio complexes in London that can be booked as a whole. This is ideal for writing and recording large projects, songwriting camps, team building days, video and photo shoots - the list goes on. 
Our studio complexes are the Battery Studios Complex, The Church Studios Complex, Livingston Studios Complex and Orinoco Complex. These are great spaces for large acts and bands needing to hire out multiple studios simultaneously. 

Battery Studios Complex, Willesden, London, England

Studio Complex

Livingston Studios Complex, Wood Green, London, England

Studio Complex
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Battery Studios Complex: A joint venture with Miloco and producers Alan Moulder and Flood, this complex is made up of the high-end mix room of Battery Studio 1 and Battery Studio 2's incredible live room. It also houses four writing/programming rooms that are hired as long-term let studios 

Livingston Studios Complex: The historic Wood Green complex features the newly upgraded Livingston 1 and renovated Livingston 2. Both studios have multiple live recording spaces, Studio 1 also with an SSL control room, and the smaller Studio 2's control room fitted with a new Custom Series 75 console Powered by Neve. 

Orinoco Complex: Bermondsey's Orinoco Complex is home to Miloco HQ, as well as four of our flagship rooms and four long-term let studios. The Pool is an unbelievably large and versatile tracking studio stocked with every instrument you could want. The Red Room London is one of the best mix rooms in London, equipped with an SSL G+ console and Augspurger Duo-15 monitors with 18" subs. The Bridge is our favourite writing room, with two booths and a control room, giving clients a high-end spec, space and comfort for writing and recording. The Bunker is our state-of-the-art writing studio, which proves perfect for programming, editing, vocal recording and overdubbing sessions. 
There are also four programming rooms, some with booths, that operate as long-term let studios 

If you have any questions about any of these studios or would like to make a booking enquiry please call our bookings team on +44 (0) 207 232 0008 or fill out the booking form below.

If you have queries about multiple studios you only need to fill out one contact form. If you are enquiring about work experience please go to this page.