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Music Lan Studios Overview

Music Lan Studio is divided between four main areas: the large control room and three recording spaces.

The Control Room is 100 square meters and holds both a SSL4056E and a Neve 8036 24 channel console. Both desks have a fantastic, vintage sound and are used for mixing and recording equally. We also have some quality outboard gear from the likes of API, Manley, Urei and more. 

The studio features 2 analogue recorders: a Sony APR24 and Otari. Artists can choose to track to analogue tape or to Pro Tools HD.

Room A is the main live recording area, measuring 100 square meters. It is made entirely of wood and glass, boasts a neutral sounding acoustic and is filled with sunlight. Multiple isolation panels are available to create different acoustics or provide some isolation.

Room A has a reverberation-controlled acoustic perfect for each kind of production, with a reverberation time variable from 0.6 to 1.7 seconds.

Room B is a medium-size recording area. It measures 25 square meters and is built from wood. Room B serves as the perfect space for recording acoustic guitars, strings, drums and vocal choirs.

The Dry Booth is an outstanding live space. It is 6 m sq and is an ideal room for achieving a dry, non-ambient sound. It is excellent for recording a bass cabinet, dry pop vocals and electric guitars.

Music Lan aims to create musical emotion. We wanted the ultimate inspiring atmosphere without limits, so included in the studio's design many inspiring features such as an abndance of natural light, which when combined with the beautiful surrounding scenery creates a relaxed atmosphere where artists can completely focus on making music.

There is a large recreation area including a kitchen, a film/video game room and a billiard table. The studio also has a beautiful garden and a swimming pool. 

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