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Nashville is one of the geographic centres for USA recording studios. The studios we're representing have a great deal to offer, and more Nashville recording studios will be arriving in the coming months so keep checking back. We have some amazing studios in the pipeline. If you don't currently see the right recording studio for your project, get in touch as we can find the right Nashville recording studio for your next project.

Welcome to 1979 is a retro, all-analogue recording studio that goes down a treat with artists, producers and engineers on a budget. Although The Nashville recording studio is mainly set up for analogue recording, Welcome to 1979 offers everything from vinyl pressing to digital sessions.

Ocean Way Nashville's three studios are housed in a 100-year-old Gothic revival greystone church, which provides exceptional spaces tuned specifically for music recording. You will love the vibe and sound of tracking in Studio A. There is no other recording studio in Nashville that has a big room sound like this.

The Studio A control room features a custom 80-input and 64-monitor all discrete Neve 8078, the largest of its type in the world, plus Studio B features a custom Neve VRP 96-input console with GML discrete buss amps. Studio C is is optimised for small space recording and in the box mixing in stereo as well as 5.1.

Blackbird is one of the world's most revered recording complex, comprising 9 studios ranging from high-spec writing spaces to a huge tracking studio with the world's largest API Legacy console. The mic locker includes some of the world's rarest pieces, including a stereo Telefunken ELAM valve mic, nestled among the usual array of valve 47s, 67s and M49s. From the gigantic studio D, to the stunning mix suite Studio C with its unique wooden-peg walls, Blackbird is a complex suited to every type of recording project.

Sound Kitchen is a huge studio complex in Nashville, Tennessee. The vast Big Boy studio is easily capable of recording orchestras, while Studio E is more suited to classic band tracking with its 5 recording spaces and 64-channel SSL console.

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