Blackbird Studio

"The Ultimate Marriage Between Cutting Edge and Vintage"

Blackbird Studio Floorplan

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Studio C Introductions

More a marriage of incredible design, equipment, form and function than a recording studio, Studio C was designed by the master of sound, George Massenburg.

Instantly recognisable for its unique wooden diffuser design, which utilises an incredible 138,646 sticks of wood all cut to a different length, Blackbird Studio C is the ultimate immersive mix and reference room.

The control room is centred around an AVID S6 console fully setup for Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 mixing and playback.

There's a small iso booth for overdubs or tracking, along with a private lounge.

9.1.6 Dolby Atmos reference/mix room
3 ATC SCM300ASL Pro speakers
- L-C-R
12 ATC SCM100ASL Pro speakers
- 6 top/ 3 per side⁃ 6 floor/ 3 per side
- 6 ATC SCM1-15ASL Sub single-15s
- 4 front, 2 rear/side
2 AVID Pro Tools | MTRX audio interfaces
⁃ 2 Sonnet Chassis w/ 4 Avid HDX cards
- Antelope Audio 10MX w/rubidium atomic master clock
- AVID Pro Tools | SYNC HD
Powered by AVID Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.x


Full day bookings are 12 consecutive hours; hourly are 6 consecutive hours minimum and start daily at client's first arrival.

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