Blackbird Studio

"The Ultimate Marriage Between Cutting Edge and Vintage"

Blackbird Studio Floorplan

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Studio A Introduction

Studio A aesthetically epitomizes Blackbird's Beatles namesake in this Beatles-inspired studio. Designed in the style of recording's early days but offering all the comforts and technology of a modern studio, this space offers the perfect balance of both worlds. The studio features no less than 11 recording areas, including a variable Hidley-designed echo chamber with an adjustable ceiling to mechanically customize reverb time. The control room features a stunning vintage Neve 8078. It was the main room from the original studio and has been home to many incredible hits from the 1970's to today.

The equipment spec features some incredible vintage pieces, including a Fairchild 670 compressor, no less than 10 Urei compressors, vintage Neve 1081s, Telefunken V72s and V76s and a pair of incredible EMI TG 12412 pres.

The studio is reminisent of the Abbey Road studio 2, with its raised control room overlooking the expansive piano room. Unlike Abbey Road however there is an additional large tracking space and several isolation booths, offering a huge amount of versaility.

A private lounge, three bathrooms, and a kitchen offer an abundance of space and amenities to relax between takes. 

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