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"Warm, vibey, inspiring, and cosy writing studio in Northeast London"

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NXNE Studio is a new studio set in the heart of Northeast London in an old sweet factory. Its surroundings provide a serene environment to the music maker and it is a comprehensive recording environment.

The studio is designed to inspire you, the musician, to feel like a child in a sweetshop, loaded with an array of analogue synthesizers, guitars, drums, percussion, piano and other toys for you to let your utmost imagination soar. Our straightforward pain-free patchbay is designed to keep the time you spend on connectivity, technical issues and trouble-shooting to near zero.

The studio is equipped with both vintage and new equipment.

Our preamps collection includes the very loved 60s Telefunken v76 and v672; the classic Universal Audio 610b; Abbey Road's TG2; valve Drawmer 1960 and the highly acclaimed Neve 1073. Enough variety to choose from and to sculpt the right sound for you.

We all love outboard effects, especially those that make a massive difference to a song instantly. Our rare Ursa Major Space Station is a great example of one of those; its unique sound will add a new layer and character to any guitar, drum or vocal track in your song and place it in the right spatial zone. The uber-versatile Kush Audio Tweaker will transform your drum track in ways beyond your imagination and uplift your song to a new level. Our arsenal includes old classics such the Roland SE201 and Eventide H-3000 –although floating under the radar at the bottom of our rack you can find the rare DBX Boom Box, which can add sub-harmonics to a cat miao that you didn't even know exist.

A large selection of old and new; Russian, British or German; small and large diaphragm; clear-sounding or gritty; dynamic, condenser or ribbon; transformer or valve microphones. Our range will cover all your needs to record anything from kick drum to a pen drop.

Our Barefoot MM27 monitors will give you a mind-blowing, wide, true and accurate picture of what's going on in your mix top to bottom and side to side. To balance that with something less comfortable and pleasing, we have the good old Yamaha NS10 to give you a more realistic picture as a reference for a household user. Other speakers are available upon request but truly these are a winning combination.

Beneath all of that fancy gear we've laid handpicked Persian rugs to give the place a relaxed atmosphere of a bohemian lounge, so you feel at home from the moment you set foot in the room.

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