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Studio E

The Loft Studio (Studio E) has a breathtaking view of the lake Greifensee and the mountains and It can be said with all modesty that this completely light-flooded studio in this form is one of the most beautiful in Europe.
Designed as a mixing studio, writing studio and for smaller recodings, undisturbed work with its own kitchen, bedroom and terrace, makes this place something unique. In addition there is the perfect connection to all other studios in the house, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Furthermore, the studio is equipped with a Dolby Atmos speaker system from ATC in 7.1.4, controlled by a Trinnov MC.Pro16.
The studio is thus the first and only Dolby certified studio in Switzerland that offers Dolby Atmos for Music mixes.

At the heart of studio E (56 sqm control room, 36 sqm kitchen/lounge) is an SSL Duality SE 48 channel console, surrounded by outboard racks stacked with an audiophiles dream team of compressors, equalizers and reverb units such as EAR, MANLEY, UREI, SIEMENS, NEVE, EMT, LEXICON, AMS etc.

Studio E is the homebase of Producer/Mixingengineer Patrik Majer (Freudenhaus). The Freudenhaus philosophy is to avoid any audio compromises from the source to your final result. Wide variety of vintage (AKG C12, NEUMANN U47/M49 etc.) and current tube, condenser, dynamic and ribbon mics is complemented by an equally wide variety of mic-pres before beint sent to PRO TOOLS HDX. LAVRY GOLD converters ensure the availability of your optimum sound choices for your final print.

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