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"A vintage synthesizer playground in the heart of Los Angeles"

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Based in the heart of LA's burgeoning Arts District neighbourhood, with the newly built Warner Brothers headquarters and Soho House just a stone's throw away, Principle Pleasure is a one-off - a unique collection of highly sought after vintage synthesisers and drum machines, in pristine condition and fully configured to fit into a 21st century DAW setup.

Amongst the legendary instruments in the studio are an Oberheim OB-8, Roland TR-808, TR-909, MKS-80, Jupiter 6, Juno 60, TB-303, SH-101, Emu SP-1200, Emu Emulator, Linn Drum, Linn 9000, Akai MPC 60, Korg MS-20, Sequential Circuits Pro-One and an original Arp Odyssey.

Each instrument is patched into the 16 input Lynx Aurora VT interface, with MIDI data easily interchangable or sent simultaneously via a unique patchbay configuration.

The 'plug and play' approach encourages clients to bring their own laptop and sync directly into its mastering grade Prism Orpheus converters with full MIDI clock compatibility sent to every configurable machine in the room.

With a treasure trove of plugins, stomp boxes, toys and industry standard outboard gear like the Empirical Labs Distressor, DBX compressors, Neumann U87, Fender Rhodes and a selection of classic electric guitars, Principle Pleasure is an analogue playground that oozes character.

19ft ceilings, 925ft of original warehouse 'loft' space, plenty of natural daylight and a state-of-the-art kitchen in Los Angeles's only real 'walkable' neighbourhood make the studio a genuinely inspirational gem.

Owner Sharooz Raoofi runs sound design company Sample Magic, has a host of electronic music production credits and is frequently updating the impressive kit list with collectables from around the world. With over 25 vintage drum machines and 35 synthesizers, Principle Pleasure is a true retro purist's delight.

The studio can only be hired with Sharooz or in-house staff engineering.

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