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Question de Son (« Question of Sound ») Studio was born out of the sheer will of two sound addicts who challenged themselves to build the studio of their dreams.

In this central Paris neighbourhood, only 5 minutes from Eurostar train station and the Marais, trendy cafés coexist with Pakistani tailor shops. The street is a typical Parisian melting pot of cultures and styles. 
You open a tiny door stuck between two buildings, go to the end of a long corridor, pass through huge double doors and you'll find yourself in an impressive 300m² (3230 ft²) space dedicated entirely to sound.

Our studios are centered on a 48 channel Neve VR series desk in studio A and a SSL 4048G+ desk in studio B, with customed TAD monitoring system in each. Add an unequalled backline in France (microphones, instruments, outboard, etc...). And you'll have a rare mix between vintage experience and brand new place with no equivalent in Paris.

Studio A has a spacious live room for recording, designed from natural materials (stone and wood) that allows great live sessions. It includes a grand piano and many other vintage keyboards (rhodes, wurlitzer, B3 hammond...). A full backline with free access (DW drums set, guitars, basses, amps, stomp boxes etc...) gets musicians crazy. Last but not least, record your tracks on a 2 inches Studer tape machine... engineers get crazy too. For Neve addicts : the desk is equipped with a Flying Faders and Recall system, you can stay here for mixing if you want to !

Studio B control room is the exact replica of A, with the same powerful main monitoring. It's already identified by many famous sound engineers as one of the most comfortable and efficient listening system in Paris. An amazing dedicated collection of outboard makes it a powerful mixing room. The room can be easily equipped with a 5.1 monitoring system remoted by a Martinsound MultiMAX surround controller. 
The iso room next to the control room allows additional recordings (vocals, guitars, keys, amps...).

Studio Atmos : Progress in Spatial Audio technology are leading consumers to a brand new immersive listening experiences like no other format before. Which is why QDS Studios launched a whole new mixing room designed to the strictest specifications and features a unique AMADEUS 9.1.4 Monitoring System, as well as a pair of ATC SCM25 to finalize your Dolby Atmos Music and Stereo mixes.

A lounge area provides friendly french atmosphere with a nice design for relaxing, eating, meeting, chilling out etc... Complete with refreshment area and kitchenette, options for food and drink are at your disposal. A quick step out of the studio gets you immediately in the middle of parisian night life.

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