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RENEWSOUND studio productions is a professional audio recording and mixing studio located in the heart of the Bulgarian capital - the city of Sofia.

Designed by the very acoustic engineers who created the recording studio of The Bulgarian National Radio, RENEWSOUND was built in the mid 1990's according to the highest standards in achieving a good acoustic environment. Its live room dimensions are suitable to accommodate individual players but also comfortably house small orchestras and choirs. Since its beginning the studio has been one of only few professional recording studios existing in post-communist Bulgaria which is the reason most popular Bulgarian artists recorded here.

Thus, ends the History lesson!
In 2016 we completely changed the look and optimized studio equipment with the current must-have technology in order to appeal to contemporary standards and requirements in audio quality. We also added more acoustic features that can easily adapt to different needs. RENEWSOUND is one of the best-equipped studios in Bulgaria. We have at your disposal legendary audio gear and sought out microphones, guaranteeing uncompromising quality.

Our price range aims to bring maximum quality within an optimized budget. This does not mean cheap! Rather sufficient enough without the need of adding extra modules and components, that would cost the projects further.

The studio offers musical instruments and audio gear of the highest level. Proven famous brands and models in the likes of Gibson, Fender, DW, Slingerland, MESA, Marshall etc. are here to serve your recording sessions at absolutely no additional cost*. Check out the full list in the Instruments section.
*Supplies such as strings, drum heads, drum sticks and other consumables related to specific sound requirements are paid separately.

Bulgaria is a country very rich in cultural and historical traditions both in folklore and in music as a whole. Many have probably heard the unique cosmic Bulgarian voices and exciting irregular Balkan rhythms. A lot of famous musicians have been inspired by them and used elements of them in their music.

If you are interested to incorporate such components in your project we can provide players of ethnic instruments and unique folklore singers. We can also acquire on your behalf classical musicians or other performers, skilled in preferred musical genre, all of whom are very good professionals and will interpret perfectly your ideas.

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