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Drum Recording at The Bridge

The Bridge is a great writing studio and we have recently added a 1960s Rogers Powertone kit to the studio. This makes the studio a great option for drum recording on a budget. The Bridge comes with two smallish booths. The booth we record the drums in delivers a tight drum sound. 

The Rogers Powertone Kit consists of a 22" Kick drum, 13" rack tom and 16" floor tom. The kit comes with a Ludwig 400 snare. This snare is a classic. An incredibly versatile drum it performs well in any genre and at all tuning ranges from high and cutting to low and fat. Every drummer worth his salt has one of these drums, and you'll hear why. 

The cymbals that come with the kit are 14" Avedis Zildjian hats, a Paiste 602 18" thin crash and a Paiste 602 20" ride. Although strictly speaking these are modern cymbals, the Zildjians are a range designed to rework the old classic sounds, and the 602s are an old range originally manufactured in the late 1950s and 60s and only recently reintroduced. They are wonderfully dynamic and musical cymbals, soft and dark, and as such they sit well in the overall sonic spectrum of the kit.

Recently we recorded this kit with our partners at Drumdrops. You can hear the results on the drum track album called Swinging 60s Pop Drops Volume 1. You can hear the kit was tuned up with the aim of recreating a 60s pop sound. THe kit was recorded with only 5 mics - a kick, snare and 3 kit mics. Hear you can here how the room can sound (although if you close mic the kit and tune it differently it can sound completely differently). THese drum tracks can be purchased as multi-tracks, stems and loops. Head over here to find out more.

During this recording session Drumdrops also sampled up the kit and they are going to be releasing it as a free kit. Drumdrops releases the sample packs in about seven different packs so that it is compatible with nearly all the leading software samplers on the market including Kontakt and BFD. First up they will be releasing a 'single hits pack'. You can read more about the kit here and the Single Hits Pack here. You can now get this pack for free. Head over to Drumdrops, if you dont have an account register an account, go to your cart (nothing has to be in it) and type in the voucher code milocorogers when this is accepted you will see the rogers SH pack in your cart. Just complete the checkout and it will appear in your account.

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