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The Bridge Floorplan

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The Bridge Overview

The Bridge is a 640 sq ft space consisting of a large control room and two booths

At approximately 300 sq ft, the control room is an airy and relaxing space that has recently been upgraded. The room has a wooden floor covered by a large Persian rug, and large acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling which are covered in burgundy and white fabrics. It is fully air-conditioned.

At the heart of the control room is a large custom-built workstation which holds the brand new 24 channel Audient ASP8024 HE console and outboard. A large and comfortable 4-seater leather sofa and coffee table are situated behind the console. Using the brand new installed Hue lighting you can select any colour from your phone to create the ambience of the day.

In October 2016 we installed some brand new Augspurger Solo-12 Mid Range speakers with 2 additional 12" subs. The onboard amps deliver 600 watts per channel and these monitors are highly accurate with excellent stereo imaging, incredible bottom end and plenty of power. Prepare to be amazed.

To one side of the room, a glass door and small window give access and visibility to the two booths. One is a brighter-sounding booth featuring a brand new carpet, ceiling panels and a fresh coat of paint. It is excellent for overdubbing guitars or recording percussion, and can alternatively be used as a TV room.

In the far corner of the studio is an air-conditioned vocal booth, which has been acoustically treated to serve as a very dead sounding space, and it is large enough to record the Rogers drum kit which is included for a small additional daily fee. 

We have designed The Bridge to work as a secondary studio in conjunction with The Red Room London, or as a standalone facility; there are a number of combinations available to clients. All of the different areas within both studios are fully tie-lined and benefit from having clear visibility between them.

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