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Some Common Questions...

You book Tim for a remote session just like you'd book any other studio and session musician... but you don't need to turn up! You can send him the files for your song or piece instead. He then loads it in and, in consultation with you, comes up with the right part and sounds. He'll send you an mp3 rough mix and you'll have a few chats / email exchanges along the way to make sure that you're happy with everything. When it's all done, he'll either upload the files to a dropbox for you to collect or, if it'll be quicker, pop them round on a cd.

If you need something really quickly, obviously he'll do his best to accomodate you.

How do I send Tim files?

The simplest way is to use dropbox or something similar... all Tim needs from you is the tempo and a stereo bounce (ideally without any drums or loops) so that he can play along.... the same bounce that you'd give him in his cans on a session. He can program up a click at his end.

What does he send me?

He'll send you individaul audio tracks for all the separate mics... kick, snare, hat, tom, floor etc so that you can pick which ones you want to use and mix it accordingly.

Can he send me a stereo bounce?

Yes of course, if you'd rather he mixed the drums he can. He has a couple of presets that seem to work well giving different vibes... one a 60s sound, one a 70s sound and one a more modern sound. He can always send you one, or all, of these so you can try a few out.

Are there any other options?

Sometimes it works well to send the kick and snare separately, and then a sereo bounce of the rest of the kit... this way you can have a workable drum sound very quickly, but still have a bit of control over the two main components.

Does Tim still do sessions elsewhere?

Yes, he does. Tim is always up for coming somewhere else to record too. He does a lot of things at the various Miloco studios, Abbey Road and Angel. It's always great to get out and about and see how other people mic up the kit... and look at a different view!

What's the turnaround time for online sessions?

It will depend, but he'll know when you make the booking.... If you need something urgently then he'll do my best to juggle things around and help... Always ask! He has done quite a few last minute TV things.... Literally one hour turnarounds, but in an ideal world it's good to have a bit more time!

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