The Drum Shed

"For all your rhythmic needs"

The Drum Shed Floorplan

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The Drum Shed Bespoke Drum Tracks

The Drum Shed is perfect if you are after great-sounding drum tracks.

With Tim's wealth of experience in sessions (both online and regular) he can provide a very easy, quick and cost effective way of getting a great drum track specifically tailored to your project so that you don't have to either go into a big studio or use the same loops and plug-ins as everybody else.

Whilst it is relatively easy to record many other acoustic instruments in small scale or home studios, drums pose a problem, both because of their noise and complexity... and yet they can add so much life and depth to a track.

The Drum Shed aims to bridge the gap between project and large scale studio by making recording a live drum track an easy and affordable option.

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