The Shelter

"Inspiring and tranquil mixing and tracking studio in East London"

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Based in North London, The Shelter is a superb mix environment, and a tranquil writing and production space bathed in natural light. 

Access to the studio is via a side-access door through the garden. On entering the studio there is an immediate sense of calm and focus, the space being completely sound-proof and having plenty of open floor-space.

There is a sliding glass door between the control room and the live room, and a heavy curtain should the performer want a bit of privacy! The studio is built on top of a former WW2 bomb shelter, one half of which is now an amp room accessed via a hatch from the studio. The other, larger side is now a sunken garden in front of the studio.

The custom desk houses the studio's Shadow Hills Equinox, which, as well as being the monitor controller and talkback system, provides an excellent analogue summing solution.There is a giant LED screen between the ATC monitors and an additional small screen to the side, to minimise comb filtering.

There are numerous different 'flavours' of preamp available, from the pristine (Neve Portico) through to coloured (Overstayer, Thermionic Culture, UA). The UBK Fatso provides unique compression and highly effective tape saturation, complementing the cleaner Dramastic Obsidian. There are Chandler Germanium EQs for character and a Neve 8810 for precision, plus plenty of other options to play with.

The synth area includes the mighty 16-voice Moog One, vintage Korg MS20 and 770, and an early 80s 3-voice monosynth called an Aelita, which is quite unlike anything else. The gorgeous Feurich upright piano has been toned to be beautifully soft, yet still defined.

Leo has amassed an extensive and unusual collection of vintage guitars, synths, pedals and other toys which are all on hand to bring colour and inspiration to your project.

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