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Unity Mastering Studio, London Maida Vale

Unity Mastering is the brainchild of Chris Parmenidis. He has built a stunning double height mastering room with natural light in Maida Vale. The double height ceilings is a unique feature amongst mastering rooms in London and really helps the music open up. It is also one of the few mastering facilities in the UK that offers the very latest advances in analogue and digital design. Chris offers the only mastering and vinyl cutting console in business today, worthy of a 24 bit signal, designed by the legendary genius engineer / producer / designer Leif Masses, the Maselec MTC2. This totally analogue monster utilises the best relay signal routing and direct equipment selection removing the need for a patch bay and unnecessary cable runs.

At a touch of a button monitoring and metering can be achieved at any stage of the mastering chain with additional unique features like the elliptical equalizer, the stereo width adjustment and the sum and difference processing option. On the other hand, in digital domain we managed to avoid the very "convenient" and "professional" routers/patch bays by implementing direct only connections between equipment, avoiding again unnecessary signal degradation by the reclocking / sample rate conversion mechanism that digital patch bays employ. 

Finally the design of the mains distribution is another area of the mastering studio, which contributes to a phenomenally quiet noise floor by employing "star point" mains installation and "buss bar" distribution using LAT silver cable throughout. Unity Mastering can do attended mastering or online mastering. Call to discuss or view our other Mastering Studios

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