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Yellow Shark Recording Studio is located in Cheltenham Town in the heart of the Cotswolds, in a town called Cheltenham. Named after Frank Zappa's final album, 'The Yellowshark', the studio owner, Jeremy Drew wanted to pay tribute and named the studio 'Yellowshark'.

Whether your recording project is large or small, we have a package that can be tailor made to suit your requirements and budget. From radio to corporate voice-overs, a single song or an entire album, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service to our customers. The interior has been designed to produce a creative vibe and beautiful ambience without compromising on sound quality. The equipment list is extensive and includes an unusually wide variety of very fine musical instruments such as our original Hammond B3 with Leslie, our beautiful sounding Yamaha C5 Grand Piano and our array of Drum Kits & Percussion! We are passionate about sound and consequently offer the best technology at all stages of the recording process. Our engineers have comprehensive experience and have worked with some of the finest musicians, producers and companies in the industry.

The studio is centered around a Soundtracs Jade-S 48 Channel recording and mixing console, which is renowned for its warm sound, and 'SSL' like features. The console is a little gem, Engineers such as Mike Tretow (ABBA) have expressed their love for this console, and although they stopped production in 1996, it is still a fond favorite of ours. In terms of monitoring, Yellowshark has a lot to offer. Our flagship monitors are the ATC 200ASL, they are mounted in the wall and are perfect for when you want to fill the room with sound and hear a lot of punch - they are perfect for listening to your final mix on. We also have ATC SCM20 and ATC SMC25 ASL. These are mid-ranged monitors and are excellent for tracking and mixing, you can really hear what your tracks' needs. We also have Yamaha NS10's. These little speakers have been used in numerous studios for years and have become famous for their detailed sound. They will instantly show you faults in the mix no matter how small, which is crucial for the finishing details, we pride ourselves on when producing your record.

The studio offers light dimming in every room, which is useful for setting the mood within a session. Here at Yellowshark we believe that the environment is just as important as the technology, and we have created a very 'vibey' atmosphere, all enhancing the creativity. We have two large live rooms, and 2 small booths with a large control room, each room having its own special uses. The main live room is large and doesn't have much absorption. This is so we get a fairly live sound whilst remaining controlled which is great for vocalists and acoustic instruments such as guitars and pianos. The second live room and the booths are covered in absorption, creating a dead environment which is perfect for recording guitars and depending on the sound that is needed, it is also perfect for Drums. We love to experiment with these rooms, and develop different sounds. See what innovative ways you can use the studio for your own creativity.

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