Just added: Madrid’s Estudio Uno

We are very pleased to welcome our first studio in the Spanish capital of Madrid to the Miloco directory, Estudio Uno. This beautiful three-studio facility is located on the outskirts of Madrid, combining traditional analogue recording techniques and modern digital technology.

The main room is Estudio A, a large live room with SSL control room attached. With its varied acoustics and ample space, Estudio A’s is the perfect place to record everything from orchestras to big bands and smaller projects. The control room is centred around an SSL 4048 E+G console, with an efficient recall system kept in top condition. Equipment is divided in six racks at the side of the room, with the left side featuring high quality preamps, and the three right racks combining compressors, EQs and effects. Monitoring is provided by Eastlake Focal Twin, Genelec, Yamaha and KRK.

Estudio B is smaller than Estudio A, with smaller live and control rooms and an incredible array of outboard and instruments. This is a great room that is perfect for any kind of recording, from drums to vocals and mixing. The control room is centred around a Sony MXP 3036 console, accompanied by excellent monitoring and hand-made wooden racks with renowned preamps, EQs and effects. Estudio B’s live  room is defined by its dry sound, an absorbent room ideal for recording voice, percussion, and even piano, thanks to the Yamaha U3 upright piano in the room.

Estudio C is the smaller writing and production room with a moderate sized live room perfect for writing, recording and pre-production. With lots of natural light and an acoustically absorbent space it is ready to record anything from keyboards to guitars or string instruments and vocals. It also has two main consoles that can be used separately or together, allowing you to mix within both the analogue and digital domain. Highlights from the equipment list include pieces from Neve and Kahayan, along with the 10 preamps in the Chilton CM2console, as well as Lexicon PCM 70 and Yamaha SPX900 effects.

The staff at Estudio Uno are ready to bring out the sound and true artistic authenticity of each and every client that walks through the door. Their goal is to provide the best environment for all artists, and an atmosphere where music flows, with all the technical and human resources available to capture it.

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