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Studio C: The Baby Bear

Our little child among the three studios but just as professional as its bigger brothers is Studio C, and it's perfect for smaller writing and recording sessions, and pre-productions.

Estudio C control has natural light and two main consoles that can be used separately or together, so you can mix within both the analogue and digital domain thanks to the Chilton CM2 console and Tascam DM4800. A stunning Sony APR 500 multitrack is at your disposal as well.

The monitor system comprises Quested H108s and classic Yamaha NS-10s. Highlights from the equipment list include Neve 1272 and Kahayan MP1X preamps along with the 10 preamps in Chilton CM2 console, as well as Lexicon PCM 70 and Yamaha SPX900 effects. Trident 80B series, Avalon 737 and any of our available microphones can be added to this list.

Estudio C room is acoustically aobsorbent, ready to record anything from keyboards to guitars or string instruments and vocals. This studio can also be a perfect complement to our other main studios.

An affordable yet remarkable studio