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Estudio Uno Recording Studio


"Designed for your music"

Estudio Uno is a beautiful multi-studio complex just outside Madrid, in the heart of Spain. There are three main controls and recording rooms you can combine to find the right sound for your project; Control A is based around a 48 channel SSL G series with a large recording room. Control B, a bit smaller, next to Room B, with a superb array of instruments and outboard gear. Studio C is our smaller but fully-equipped writing and production room with a moderate live room. And our largest room, Room R, an impressive, symphonic space suitable for any kind of recordings, including orchestras.

Check all our control and room combinations here and find the right one for your project.

The philosophy at Estudio Uno is to use traditional analog recording techniques in the 21st century. The staff at Estudio Uno want to find the pure spirit of the artists, in order to bring out their sound, delivering true artistic authenticity. Their goal is to provide the best environment for musicians and an atmosphere where music flows, with all the technical and human resources available to capture it.

Estudio Uno carefully handcrafts all their recordings and mixes because they are sure that is the only way to get the high quality that musicians and producers need. We offer all the standard services of a recording studio while going a bit further to ensure production runs a smooth as possible.

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