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Teaser: The story of Estudio Uno

This teaser talks about Estudio Uno history. Directed by Iván Muñiz, this video tries to communicate how a dream come true or, in other words, how a recording studio is created. You can see the beginning of Estudio Uno, how we built the new Colmenar Viejo facilities, and furthermore, meet the people who made it real.

Freedonia analogic recording

"Shenobi" recording, Freedonia's last record in 2017, was an analog recording. We thought it was a great chance to taste our multitracks so we got three different tape samples of every take. An experiment you can see in this video, from "My world" recording session.

Teaser Freedonia 'Shenobi'

In February 2017, the soul band Freedonia recorded "Shenobi" in our Estudio A. A record searching for the most traditional soul sound, something that brought us to focus on a completely craft recording and mixing, with analogic tape and with live sessions. An experience gathered as its best in this video.

Preamps comparative test (Spanish Audio)

A video compiling comparatives of several Estudio Uno preamps. Here you can see preamps, both valves and transistor-based ones available at our studios, without any kind of priority between one and another. Let the voice of María Blanco, singer of Mäbu, told you about the different preamps we've got and check them all at our blog.

Microphones comparative test (Spanish Audio)

Another of our tests, with different kind of microphones this time. A comparative guide to the different kind of mics you can find at our studios, a guide you can also find in our blog. The point is to listen to carefully the sound of every mic (condenser, dynamic, ribbons ...) and how they fit with instruments. Again, María Blanco from band Mäbu help us to told you about it.

Alfredo Rodriguez Trio feat. Ganavya

On February, 2016, jazz pianist Alfredo Rodríguez recorded his álbum 'Tocororo' in our Estudio A with engineer Pablo Pulido. This video made by Jaime Massieu is the first single from the record and you can see Alfredo Rodríguez at the piano, Ganavya Doraiswamy's voice, Reinier Elizarde on bass and Michael Olivera on drums.

'Lobos sucios'. Making of OST

Estudio A wide room allows us to get many musicians playing at the same time. A perfect place to record orchestras, big bands and groups with many musicians on their teams. Find an example with this video from the 'Lobos sucios' original soundtrack created by Sergio Moure de Oteyza and played by Mad 4 Strings with José Vinader on our SSL.

Patax. USA National Anthem

Playing live from Estudio A, Patax band bring us a different approach to the USA national anthem to talk about tolerance and the need of being open-minded. Another fine example of room A possibilities and its capacity, with many musicians playing live together in a same space.

Fito y Fitipaldis. Making of 'Huyendo conmigo de mí' (Spanish Audio)

In 2014, at the very beginning of the new Estudio Uno new location at Sierra de Madrid, rock band Fito y Fitipaldis recorded with engineer Joe Blaney the álbum 'Huyendo conmigo de mí'. This video shows a piece of the documentary that compiles the whole recording proccess in our then brand new Estudio A.

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